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District Receives Water Infrastructure Improvement Act (WIIA) Grant Award

The South Huntington Water District Board of Commissioners is pleased to announce that the District has recently been awarded a grant from New York State for up to $3 million. It is to be used to offset the costs associated with the development of a new state-of-the-art advanced oxidation process treatment system.

District officials have anticipated the likelihood that all public water suppliers will soon be required to begin monitoring and treatment for potential emerging contaminants, the impacts of which are currently under evaluation by federal and state regulatory agencies. To ensure the quality of the drinking water provided to consumers and to meet new emerging water quality standards, the District has foreseen the need to develop this new treatment process at Plant #10 in the near future.

When members of the Board of water Commissioners learned of the availability of state funds, they took a proactive approach and the District applied for the grant to raise capital for the anticipated long term infrastructure project, which is estimated to cost $6.1 million.

The South Huntington Water District is one of several public water suppliers to receive these government funds made available by the state. The grants are funded through New York’s Clean Water Infrastructure Act, to assist with costs associated with essential drinking water improvement projects.

“The Residents of South Huntington Water District should feel comfortable that the water supplied by the District will always be the highest quality possible,” stated Commissioner Joseph Perry.

Commissioner Paul Tonna added, “With a long history of being in full compliance with existing drinking water standards, we are committed to meeting all new regulations and standards currently being considered by the Federal and State governments.”