Code Red

Water District Enhances Emergency Notifications By Phone and Email

The Water District has now partnered with the Town of Huntington in the use of  Huntington Alert, their well-tested and proven telephone emergency alert system. Used with great success by the Town during Hurricanes Irene and Sandy, we were favorably impressed with its employment and have now joined with them to share the same service. So, in addition to receiving Town of Huntington-specific emergency notifications, if the South Huntington Water District should need to issue an emergency alert – for example a water conservation measure, a disruption of service, or a water quality notification – you would receive a prompt telephone notification in the same manner.

The Huntington Alert  vendor “Code Red” uses publicly available contact information to form its notification database. If you received telephone alerts from the Town of Huntington during Irene and Sandy, you will receive them from the Water District. But if you are unsure, or if you have an unlisted phone number where you like to have emergency notifications sent, you are encouraged to visit the “Code Red” web site where this information can be entered. You will also see an option to receive the notification by e-mail. We are assured by the vendor and the Town that this data is secure and for this singular purpose only. Another way to update your email address is to call the South Huntington Water District at 631-427-8190 or email us at with the email address you would like added to the emergency notifications list.

Code Red

Much thanks is due to the Town of Huntington for their assistance in allowing us to join with them in Huntington Alert!

Naturally, we hope to never need the service, but are confident that should the occasion ever arise, we now have a robust and reliable system in place to keep you well-informed.