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Guard Your Home Against Imposters Seeking Entry

In this day of COVID-19, all homeowners should be extra vigilant about people arriving on your doorstep seeking home entry. The South Huntington Water District has heard reports of people claiming to be District employees. Do not be fooled by impostors.

Please note that with remote metering, it is extremely rare that any SHWD employee will arrive unannounced or without an appointment.  Even if there is a water emergency such as a water main break, we will very seldom ask to enter your home.

What to do:

If someone arrives on your doorstep claiming to be a South Huntington Water District employee and wants home access for any reason:

  1. Ask to see official identification.
  2. Look for official South Huntington Water District identification on their vehicle.
  3. Ask to see a written work order.
  4. Call the District at 631-427-8190.