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Sealed Proposals for the provision of Auditing Services for the South Huntington Water District will be received at the Office of the District, 75 – 5th Avenue South, Huntington Station, New York, up to 2:00 P.M. on May 21, 2021 at which time and place all Proposals will be publicly opened and then subsequently studied by the Board and District staff. After a thorough review, the District will make an award at a subsequent date.

Proposal specifications are on file at the Water District Office. Proposals will be evaluated upon numerous factors, including specialized skills and expertise, specific training, relevant experience, and costs.  The undersigned reserve the right to reject any and all Proposals or to award the Proposal to the lowest responsible bidder, who, in their judgment, makes the most advantageous Proposal to the South Huntington Water District.


Board of Water Commissioners

South Huntington Water District

Publication Date of Notice

April 22, 2021